Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells Poles Apart® Wedge 40

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Black Iron Strength® Adjustable Dumbbells Poles Apart® Wedge 40 (PreOwned;) are a patented revolutionary technology because it provides the convenience of 40 pairs of commercial use dumbbells in a compact space, however, not compromising on quality. Unlike other adjustable dumbbells on the market, Black Iron Strength Adjustable Dumbbells are the only commercial grade adjustable dumbbells. This system gives the user 40 pairs of commercial dumbbells in 12 sq. ft., making this unit space efficient. It an ideal system for the serious lifter. That is why these units are found in commercial and athletic facilities throughout the world as well as home gyms.
  • 100% Premium Solid Steel Dumbbells designed for commercial use
  • Solid one piece construction with no welds or bolts using a proprietary press-through technology making Black Iron Strength® Dumbbells virtually indestructible
  • Look and feel of a traditional dumbbell - designed for the serious lifter
  • 2.5 lb. incremental jumps throughout the entire range of weights
  • Add-on weights for the system are secure and will not separate from the dumbbell due to a dual Poles Apart® magnetic system of 80 lbs. of securing force
  • Finish is military ‘spec’ hard chrome finish for corrosion resistance
  • Precision comfort knurling for a sure grip on the handle
  • Rotational Handles are the highest quality construction with IGUS® Bearings to ensure a smooth rotation