Curved Treadmill - Commercial Grade - NEW

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This Curved Treadmill is non-motorized & commercial-grade and uses gravity to start. User can control the speed freely and accelerate or decelerate anytime. The treadmill uses an elastic rubber arc running deck and gravity to start, accelerate and decelerate the speed freely, which prevents impact to the knee due to failure to keep up with the running belt. The curved running surface, crawler elastic rubber running belt and active running design reduce the impact during the workout and safely protects your knees, while the bearing drive system effectively lowers the maintenance costs.  If you have considered a Woodway or Assault Runner, this treadmill is for you.



Transport Wheels in front & Handles in rear for easy transportation
Non-motorized Zero-energy consumption
Pure green energy treadmill
Creative crawler belt without running board design ensures that the running belt has no sideways deviation and waxing
Fully shock-absorbing, safe and comfortable
Creative precision bearing transmission system, smooth, zero drag and stick
Lower noise, power consumption, failure rate and maintenance cost
Eliminates the slippage of traditional running belts
Accurate speed, no block or cover of running area, wider field of vision, easier for gait analysis

8 Optional Resistance Levels Available
Run at no resistance
Jog at low resistance
Walk / Push at medium resistance
Sled Push at high resistance
Speed: Resistance adjustment by side lever
Console Readouts: Time, Distance, Calories, and Speed
Running belt size (H x W):67 in x 18 in
Weight: 346 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H): 78 in x 34 in 59.5 in